The Why Behind

A Day-Of Coordinator

A Requirement For Wedding Weekend Events at Hope's Way

Many reputable, quality venues either have a coordinator, already built into their pricing that you’ll end up working with, or require you to provide one of your own. Hope’s Way is priced accordingly, allowing you to hire the coordinator whose style & approach feels like the right fit for you. 

There are so many moving parts to a full-sized wedding that require the working attention of a dedicated individual not otherwise involved with the wedding. Coordinators assure a productive rehearsal that runs on schedule, transition that to your ceremony, assist with your preparations & monitor various activities of vendors & involved parties so that your plans are carried out and importantly, remain on schedule. Coordinators filling this role are consistently very busy the day of, & without this coordinator, all the work they do (& it is work!) would fall to someone else. Most often the bride & her mother.
Additionally, an outside coordinator is focused on your specific needs, less on venue operations.

A professional wedding coordinator possesses a specific skill set & industry experience, is on the lookout for, & taking care of the inevitable challenges that arise on your big day - with different matters on their radar than a well-meaning friend or family member. 

That way, this doesn’t fall to those already involved with your wedding activities, allowing them to function in their roles & enjoy this special day. Or, to Hope’s Way staff, taking them away from their own set of contractual responsibilities. This ensure a much better experience for the bridal couple, their families, vendors & venue operations.